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It was in the 1990s that I started my approach to meditation and yoga and met Osho.

In ’96 I went to Poona, took sannyas and my passion for research took off. I attended several therapy and meditation courses and in 2002 I was trained in Osho Pulsation Neo-Reichian breath/bodywork with Aneesha Dillon, later I became her assistant and since 2019 I have been teaching in the training as co-leader with David Magna Rasulo who is the director of Osho Pulsation Italy. My experience with the body has given me the ability to experience, absorb and let go of the experiences of my life in my body and to have an understanding of how life energy and emotions move, block, release and give the possibility to connect to one’s potential.

In the meantime, I have certified as a yoga teacher. Today, I also bring the Pulsation experience into yoga and have devised my own style which I have called Yoga Pulsation.

My research is constantly evolving and is the reason for my life.

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