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She has 40 years of experience in energy work. Thanks to the meeting with Osho (1980) and his invitation she developed, together with Chidvilas, a method of activation, release and healing of life energies (O.P.H.). She refined this training at the Osho School of Misticism (Puna), at the Osho Academy (Sedona), at the Hellingerschule (Bolzano). She is the founder of the Olos Academy.

Upadhi has the gift of seeing though the folds of reality, and of offering deep metaphysical readings capable of transforming the lives of the people who work with her. She has trained hundreds of people helping them to transform their lives and, for some of them, to become operators and teachers. In an atmosphere of acceptance and joy, though simple tools, she leads you to the source, to discover your hidden potential and live a harmonious and relaxed life. Her main reference map is that of the chakras and subtle energies, thanks to which she puts her intuition in the service of helping anyone in his own individual growth and spiritual evolution.
Upadhi offers workshops, trainings and Masters in Europe, China, Brazil, Russia.

April 2021

The Fire of Life

16 April 2021 | 11:30 - 13:00
Sala Rossa / Red Room

with Upadhi - Energy is the basis of everything, energy is the source where life comes from. Everything comes from the void. Nowadays science is demonstrating what the mystics used to tell us 5000 years ago, i.e. that an atom particle is 99.999999% empty, energy. Energy is the source of …

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Expanding the Power of Love

17 April 2021 | 10:00 - 11:15
Sala Verde / Green Room, via Uso 1
Bellaria, Rimini 47814 Italia

with Upadhi - Love is a dimension that has nothing to do with success, ambition, money, power, prestige. It is a vibrational quality that everyone can access. In meditation it is easier to get in touch with it, because meditation is a path that gives an outer attention, it helps …

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Discovering Subtle Energies

18 April 2021 | 11:30 - 13:00
Sala Rossa / Red Room

with Upadhi - How to sense the auric field. This event is for those who understand that our "being" is not confined within the physical body, for those who are ready to use this awareness as a tool to live in tune with the universe. Something in the world is …

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