The great celebration of meditation


This year’s programme is, as usual, multifaceted, in order to offer as varied an overview as possible, without claiming to be complete, of what the world of Osho has to offer.

It is designed so that participants can experience various meditation and awareness techniques, taste their fragrance and then decide which ones to continue practising at home or in the meditation centres.

All interspersed with Osho Meditations, from the more classic Dynamic, Kundalini and Evening Meeting to other lesser known but equally valid techniques.

The Oshofestival has an international flavor with most of the events and meditations led in English with Italian translation (or translated into English when led in Italian).

The nice NEW thing is that there will be THREE event halls open at the same time again!

The Great Festival of Meditation starts on Thursday 18 April at 2.30 pm and ends on Sunday 21 April at 6.10 pm.

The events will be in two rooms at the same time:

Red Hall

Green Hall

Blu Hall

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Thursday 18

14:30-14:50 Welcome!
A friendly, joyous introduction to the Osho Festival 2024!

15:00-16:30 Giocameditando®with Aseel & Prabhato
When meditation meets play, the mind relaxes, the ego can be dissolved and we can let ourselves go into a dimension of deep and serene interiority in a light and pleasant way. No effort, no performance, just an incredible amount of vital energy to experience before falling quietly into our centre and being nourished by the fragrance of bliss.

15:15-16:30 Heart Chakra Meditation
A simple and effective meditation technique based on breath and gentle body movement, capable, by working on the energy centre of the heart (the central chakra, i.e. the middle way in the mystical path, located in the centre of the chest), of creating a feeling of firm connection with the earth.

17:00-18:30 Living in Precarious Timeswith Maneesha James
Through Osho we have all the inner resources we need to live in joy, in love, awareness, and a sense of fulfillment. Just, we might not know or we might have forgotten how to activate those qualities. In this session we’ll experience a variety of methods that can support us in remaining centred in the midst of chaos, able to watch the madness as just a passing show, and to keep our sense of humour and of gratitude.

17:00-18:30 Art of Embodimentwith Adhiraj & Pushan
Often in life we and ourselves disconnected from our body, its sensations and feelings, experiencing mental overcharge and lack of presence.In this event, supported by the methods of Osho’s Diamond Breath school you will rediscovera natural way of reconnecing to the gifts of the body!
Including spontaneity, sensuality, presence, playfulness and joy!

17:05-18:20 Osho Chakra Sounds Meditation
Sound meditation through the 7 chakras. With the use of particular sounds uttered in a certain sequence, you can explore and harmonise the seven chakras, the subtle energy centres that run through the human body.

18:50-20:00 Osho Kundalini Meditation
This meditation finds its best moment if done at sunset or late afternoon. Letting go totally into shaking and dancing during the first two stages helps dissolve stiffness wherever the flow of energy has been repressed and blocked. Then energy can flow, dance, and be transformed into joy and bliss.

21:30-23:00 A Transomatic Trance Experience – with Yatri
Pain, suffering, joy, are emotional currents that your heart welcomes, absorbs, embraces, while you rest, nourish and regenerate at the heart centre.

21:30-23:00 Dance&Games – with Aseel & Somraj
Celebrating the festival as an opportunity for play, meeting, sharing and meditation. At a time when everything is immediate and fast, we will try together to regain awareness of the qualities of space and time dimensions in relating with each other.

21:45-23:00 Osho Devavani Meditation
It means ‘divine voice’. An ancient technique that is even found in the Old Testament under the name ‘glossolalia’. It deeply relaxes the conscious mind to the point that, if done as the last activity of the day, it will be followed by a deep sleep.

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Friday 19

7:00-8:10 Yoga, the Secret Code of Inner Essencewith Ojas
A Meditative style of Yoga, a profound journey to discover your most authentic nature through body practice. You will discover the profound meaning of meditating by embracing every cell in your body and communicating with your Self.

7:00-8:10 Osho Dynamic Meditation
This meditation is a fast, intense and thorough way to break old, ingrained patterns in the bodymind that keep one imprisoned in the past, and to experience the freedom, the witnessing, silence and peace that are hidden behind these prison walls.

7:00-8:10 The Practice of Fire with Nishanka
The combination of a strong and dynamic yoga such as Ashtanga with Pilates creates the ideal combination where movement and breathing go in unison, resulting in a vital practice conscious and alert.

9:30-11:00 Vitality of the “Hara”with Anunaya and OPH Team
An exploration of the life centre, the inexhaustible source of all energies, which we continually contact in our daily lives without always being aware of it. Experiencing that there is energy available, changes the quality of Life, moving from that space allows us to bring clarity into the issues and the skills to deal with them.
A small journey within ourselves to savor the qualities of: emptiness – space – presence.

9:30-11:00 PLAY&dance! with Dayita
Dance is expression, movement, emotions, … but with others it is also play, sharing, joy!
Using music and simple guidelines, we can experience, playing with others, how others are our friends, our mirrors, and become tools to look inside ourselves once again. There is nothing serious about this, just the desire to be together and grow and feel good.
With play, everybody is a winner. With seriousness, nobody is ever a winner — all are losers.
You come to meditate here and you become serious about it. And I go on insisting: Don’t become serious. Meditation can happen only in playfulness, in utter playfulness, when you are not searching and seeking for anything, when you are simply dancing or singing or chanting; when you are not asking, when the activity is all and all in itself, no future is provoked, no future is involved in it… then it happens. Meditation is a happening.” Osho

9:45-11:00 Osho Chakra Breathing Meditation
A technique for becoming aware of the seven chakras and awakening their energy through the breath. It gives you greater vitality. It is best to do this technique on an empty stomach.

11:30-13:00 Living with the Inescapable!with Maneesha James
Living includes not only our moment-to-moment growth, but also our moment-to-moment dying. As Osho says, learning to respond to all that we encounter in our everyday life is the best preparation for dying because in fact living-dying is one process. In this session, some discussion and meditative methods to enhance our readiness to let go, to dissolve.

11:30-13:00 AmoMe® with Aseel
Loving oneself starts with the ability to go within oneself authentically, connecting with the space of the heart, accepting without judgement who we are. From this space it is possible to meet our desires by recognising a loving intention that opens us up to life and the possibility of making it a wonderful experience. 

11:45-13:00 Osho Nataraj Meditation
The energy of dance, dance as total meditation, in which all inner divisions disappear and a subtle, relaxed awareness remains.

15:00-16:30 The answer is resting insidewith Siddho & Anurag
We will discover together how to tap into our inner resources to face situations and challenges in a relaxed and confident manner. We will use guided hypnosis and mindfulness techniques to reactivate positive and deep memories that can open up new perspectives and new visions to unravel and resolve some of the issues that seem difficult to us. Osho defined hypnosis as a bridge to meditation.

15:00-16:30 Breathing Into Life – with Adhiraj & Pushan
Through a playful bioenergetic process created by the Osho’s Diamond Breath school, you will discover what is in the way of getting fully in contact with your vitality and moving with the changing waves of life!
In a safe environment we will explore the polarities of our basic emotions and feeling opening to a inner space of acceptance and natural relaxation.

15:15-16:30 Love Meditation with Kiran & Bhavani
The Love Meditation uses gentle exercises, singing, dance, and hugs to lead us on a journey that melts the soul and opens the heart. This practice encourages living love without dependencies or expectations, embracing imperfection and allowing compassion to blossom. Only by opening your heart can you experience compassion; it’s a fundamental aspect of love. When you love, you feel the other, embrace them, and accept them for who they are.
COMPASSION is a form of respect towards others.

and 17:00-18:10 Osho Kundalini Meditation
The first two stages of this meditation are shaking and dancing. And then the last two stages enable all this energy to flow vertically, to move upwards into silence. It is a highly effective way of unwinding and letting go at the end of the day.

18:50-20:00 Osho Evening Meeting Meditation
“Every night, these few moments are the most valuable in your life. Every evening, when so many living buddhas gather here, this place becomes the most important in the whole world. Because nowhere are so many people meditating together – digging so deep that they can find the very life source, the eternity, the deathlessness.” Osho

21:30-23:00 Allowing the Flow – A Tantric Approach to Life – with Dhairya & Anjori
Strengthen your connection with the inner flow that arises out of the life-force. Our life-force is in a continuous movement and expresses itself through our actions in our lives. A fundamental key to bring our life in motion is polarity.
During this event we would like to invite you on an inner journey with a playful tantric approach to life.
We will strengthen the connection with both the life-force and its source. We will bring polarity into play to enhance your sensitivity to feel this life-force and from here we will delve into the flow and let this naturalness express itself through dance, movement, and finally, rest  in the space of our being.
“And once you have the feeling that the life force helps by itself and takes the right path that is needed, it will give you a very basic insight into your whole life.
Then you can leave your whole life to the divine.”

21:30-23:00 Dance – with Dj Gaya
DJ night!

21:45-23:00 Osho Gourishankar Meditation
A technique that activates the third eye. Osho says that if you perform the initial breath phase correctly, you will feel like you are on the peak of Mount Everest.

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Saturday 20

7:00-8:10 Osho Divine Healing Exercises – with Dayita
Breathing movements, i.e. body movements done in close connection with the breath. They were inspired by ancient Chinese and Japanese techniques for nourishing ‘KI’ (the vital energy flowing through the body), known as Qi-Gong in China and Shin-Tai-Do in Japan, and adapted to the needs and realities of modern man. These movements are good for health, flexibility of the body and strengthen the immune system as they harmonise the flow of KI along the meridians and corresponding organs.
An hour to dedicate to ourselves by working on body and breath awareness. Particularly good for loosening the joints and easily regaining physical well-being.
Everyone can practise them because they are simple and fun. They do not require any equipment or a mat because they are practised standing up.
They are great for getting us to reconnect with the body and feel and love it as it is, to relax those areas that we find to be contracted.

7:00-8:10 Osho Dynamic Meditation
“This is a meditation in which you have to be continuously alert, conscious, aware, whatsoever you do. The first step, breathing; the second step, catharsis; the third step, the mantra, ‘Hoo.’ And when everything stops, and in the fourth step you have become completely inactive, frozen, then this alertness will come to its peak.” Osho

7:00-8:10 The Practice of Firewith Nishanka
The combination of a strong and dynamic yoga such as Ashtanga with Pilates creates the ideal combination where movement and breathing go in unison, resulting in a vital practice conscious and alert.

8:30-11:00 Humaniversity AUM Meditationwith Khala and Somraj
An active and social meditation technique that through the expression of emotions leads to the silence and stillness of meditation. It is the most famous and most beloved social meditation created by Veeresh at the request of Osho.
In its phases, we have the opportunity to experience and express the emotions of life, in a protected setting and together with many new friends; together we make our energy flow, overcoming our fears with joy and love, to get to our center, to meditation.

9:30-11:00 Reconnect and Expandwith Siddho & Anurag
Family and Relationship Constellations.
Meditation takes us out of the struggle with ourselves, as we are longing for inner peace. One of the fundamental steps to be taken to overcome inner division is reconciliation with one’s origins and family destiny.
Thus, a ripple effect happens and everything is affected: love for who you are, for one’s partner, for one’s children. Family Constellations open unknown horizons in the couple and in life.

9:45-11:00 Osho Nadabrahma Meditation
The “humming” meditation: by making the “mmm” sound with your mouth closed followed by hand movements, the conflicting parts begin to tune in, bringing harmony to your whole being.

11:30-13:00 Too much Lovewith Ameya
In this workshop we will delve into the topic of affective addiction to define it and recognize its signs. Knowing it will help us to understand its mechanisms. And this is the first step. Then we will explore the characteristics on the contrary of the “healthy” and conscious relationship, which is no longer the one based on childish patterns, but on the full assumption of self-responsibility, before meeting from this space the other.
Ameya has been studying relationships for over 30 years and will share her experience with participants in an event with an experiential part as well, leaving room for questions for those who wish.

11:30-13:00 OSHO Bardowith Maneesha James
A guided meditation to find the right consciousness in living and dying. OSHO Bardo will be the central meditation of this session, preceded by discussion and a preparatory meditation that allows us to redirect any fear into a state of expansion, of peace and of love.

11:45-13:00 Sufi Breathing Meditationwith Dayita
Among the many techniques used by Sufis are particular kinds of breathing. In this meditation we use different Sufi breathings to explore and touch different areas of the body/soul, moving and awakening a lot of slumbering energies. A simple and powerful technique that helps you reconnect with yourself and your body. It is recommended to come to practice on an empty stomach.

15:00-16:30 Tantra, the wild nature of love – with Radha
In Tantra love and spirituality are two extremes of one energy and must be understood in their being totally wild. Life is wild, love is wild, your divine being is wild.
Do not try to domesticate them, or you will miss their essence.
By learning to experience love totally, what is divine in you will naturally emerge.

15:00-16:30 Power of Breathcon Adhiraj & Pushan
Our Breath gives us life, energy and vitality!
We will explore the polarities of inhalation and exhalation which can allow our energy to expand into the alchemy of the heart and reveal the secrets of riding the waves of life!
Life becomes an adventure into celebration!

15:15-16:30 Samasati Meditationwith Kiran & Bhavani
The Samasati Meditation, conceived by Veeresh, draws inspiration from Osho’s concepts on death awareness and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Its aim is to confront the fear and rejection of death, encouraging us to live consciously and appreciate every moment, serving both as preparation for transition and as a daily acknowledgment of the beauty of existence. Divided into ten stages, the initial six explore conscious dying, while the remaining four encourage full engagement in the present, cherishing every moment of life.

and 17:00-18:10 Osho Kundalini Meditation
“When I say shake, I mean your solidity, your rocklike being should shake to the very foundations, so it becomes liquid, fluid, melts, flows.” Osho

18:50-20:00 Osho Evening Meeting Meditation
The importance of this meditation is underscored by the fact that Osho requested that at his Meditation Resort all other programs be discontinued at the Evening Meeting time and that everyone participate.
“That which cannot be said has to be experienced. This is a great experience of getting into the inner space. Something is experienced in this gathering which no one has been able to define. This is the highest peak of the whole day’s working, meditating or doing groups.” Osho

21:30-23:00 Sannyas Celebration

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Sunday 21

7:00-8:10 Tandava – The Snake Movementwith Ojas
A harmonious dance with your spine in which you will explore the male and female polarities, a movement that evolves into a creative wave, an expression of the body in a unified field.

7:00-8:10 Osho Dynamic Meditation
The whole technic has its roots in the first stage… if done properly all the rest comes easy. Breathing chaotically through the nose, let breathing be intense, deep, fast, without rhythm.
Stay aware. And when, in the fourth stage, you are completely still, as if frozen, then your presence will reach its peak.

7:00-8:10 The Practice of Firewith Nishanka
The combination of a strong and dynamic yoga, such as Ashtanga, with Pilates creates the ideal combination where movement and breathing go in unison, resulting in a vital practice conscious and alert.

9:30-11:00 Too much (too little) Familywith Ameya Canovi
It is in the family that we learn about life. We are often at odds with our roots, judging our family tree. However, this judgment comes back to us, eventually causing us to replicate patterns unconsciously.
We will analyze family myths and mandates and find a formula for emancipating ourselves from family while remaining grateful and aware. The event will be held in two parts: a discursive and an experiential one.

9:30-11:00 Tantra. The silence in chaoswith Radha
When you can let-go totally into love, it is magic: you lose control, the ego dies, and only a deep silence remains.
Tantra uses this experience to bring you to live the same silence through meditation. So, you learn that love and meditation are two gateways to the same state of bliss, permanent, in the silence of the mind.

9:45-11:00 Osho Vipassana Meditationwith Dhairya
Through breath awareness you can watch, without being involved in it, the dramas of the mind… which begin to slow down. The activity of thought calms down when you take away your involvement. This also brings to the surface and dissolves tensions. It is a deep cleansing.

11:30-13:00 The Tao of True Successwith Siddho & Anurag
Working Constellations.
Meditate, create, love: this is true success. Without creation and without love, life tastes bitter. With Work Constellations your meditation deepens, your creativity expands, your love for what you do, for yourself and the people around you, and for life blossoms. An event to have a glimpse of your potential and know that there is a tool to make it flourish.

11:30-13:00 Alchemy of the Heartwith Anunaya and OPH Team
An invitation to experience the 4th chakra’s powerful capacity for alchemical transformation and acceptance, to apply it to every event in one’s life. An understanding of moving from undergoing events to integrating, learning from experience.
In this chakra the matter meets the spirit to recognize and manifest in everyday life our unique and special being, where the flow of giving and receiving happens by itself.
A small journey within ourselves to savor the qualities of: emptiness – space – presence.

11:45-13:00 Stop Dancewith Dayita
A Gurdjieff technique: intense dance alternating with moments of silence, to find our center. An opportunity to observe ourselves, to feel, to be together with ourselves. Dancing with music and rhythms of all kinds and stopping suddenly to feel that we are “Here and Now”.

The stop exercise was tremendously significant, perhaps one of the greatest contributions to the modern world — and the modern world is not even aware of it…
When you become just a statue, you are not even allowed to blink an eye; you stay exactly as you are at the moment you hear the word “Stop!” It simply means stop and nothing else. You will be surprised that you suddenly become a frozen statue and in that state you can see yourself transparently.
You are constantly engaged in activity, and with the activity of the body, the mind’s activity is associated. You cannot separate them, so when the body completely stops, of course, immediately the mind also stops then and there. You can see the body, frozen, as if it is somebody else’s body; you can see the mind, suddenly unmoving, because it has lost its association with the body in movement.” Osho

15:00-16:30 The Heart Dances – with Somraj
A big collective event to conclude, finding us all together in the heart, the Osho Festival 2024.
Singing and dancing in a circle brings us into the space of the heart and meditation, so that from our center and in contact with others, we connect with joy, grace and gratitude with the divine spirit.
“Dances of the Heart” have their roots in the Sufi tradition as well as in all folk circle dances common to many different traditions, and include songs from all over the world. Some take you gently to the center of your being, others are more playful and energizing. Together we sing and a series of movements allows us to joyfully meet others in the space of the heart, and opens us to the divine spirit flowing through us all.

16:30-16:40 Goodbye
A chance to know next year’s OshoFestival dates…

17:00-18:10 Osho Kundalini Meditation
Dissolve all rigidity and flow with energy. Becoming totally immersed in shaking and dancing helps to dissolve rigidity wherever the flow of energy has been repressed and blocked.

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For any info about the participation in the Osho Festival program do not ask the hotel but the organizers, filling up the form in the colomn aside or calling n° +39 348 5199 916.